Creative Assault


BoxPop_2, emerging design exhibition. 
5 professional designers show their work at Central de Diseño DIMAD / Matadero, Madrid.

Renato Seixas, design piece: 
CREATIVE ASSAULT – Attack of Ideas

Postcard 11 x 15 cm, with paratrooper in 4 color versions.

Inside the wooden box is where the narrative lands.
Art installation that brings together an army of paratroopers on a single mission: to communicate and promote the work of its author, Renato Seixas.
An army of POP figures JUMP and ASSAULT.
The postcard shows one of these POP guerrillas.
We are on constant alert, looking for new creative directions.
Help if you can!
Rescue me!


Concept Design, Graphic Design, Illustration






Guest Designer: Renato Seixas.
Curator: Lucinda Morrissey.
Event logo design: Pep Carrío.
Special thanks to: Rafael García – Expert in fashion promotion and communication; Augusto Lima – Animation.

10th of October / 10th of January 2014.