One Shot Hotels


Digital illustrations to promote One Shot Hotels in Spain.

Sweet Dreams.

One Shot Hotels represent a concept that is modern, fresh, and very pop. What happens daily in the hallways of this hotel chain could be described as a meeting point of cultures, personalities and looks. Obviously some rooms choose not to be bothered...
Sweet Dreams!

Next, my interview for One Shot Hotels:

One Shot Hotels: There are so many ways to express creativity... why do you chose graphic design? And what about music?
Renato Seixas: No, I did not choose the discipline, graphic design chose me. The versatility of graphic design allows me to tailor my message and my creativity in many ways.

O.S.H.: You have a very personal style; very bright colours and comic lines... Who are your inspirations?
R.S.: It all started with Miyazaki's flying machines in the episodes of Future Boy Conan. Since then, I engulfed myself in the world of graphic design and today, with over 10 years experience, anything can inspire or drive me to develop a project. Design is not just a visual result for me but an internal process.

O.S.H.: When you think of "art" what comes to mind?
R.S.: Our era has seen the fall of many labels and stereotypes and when I think about art I think of anything but labels and stereotypes. These days anything can be art, but art is not just anything. So what matters is the message, the message that carries the work rather than the work itself. When I think of art I think of it's context or it's reality. Our reality is the Fusion.

O.S.H.: What is it about One Shot Hotels that inspires you?
R.S.: One Shot Hotels' modernity inspires me. Modernity by attention to detail, being a well-rounded concept and also for the 'fusion' of which I spoke of earlier. One Shot Hotels not only covers the practical need for a place to sleep but also arouses interest, artistic approaches and necessary dreams to feed new talent. 

O.S.H.: Upcoming projects: What are you working on now?
R.S.: As I said before, my job is to adapt myself to suit any project.
That said, I am always lucky to have interesting proposals for things that have not had too much exposure for in what seems like the current invasion of the graphic design sector. Collaborations like yours are much appreciated not only for the opportunity and support they pose but also and especially for the visibility they provide. Designing is an exercise that is done for others.
To be seen or not be seen. That is the question...


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