Emotional Runaway - Jovens Criadores 2005


National Showcase of Young Creators 2005 • City: Amarante
Emotional Runaway – Interactive Multimedia Installation
Catalogue • Pages 44 and 45


Experimental Design, Glitch, Noise, Sound Design, Sound Texture






Emotional Runaway – Interactive Multimedia Installation
Concept: Mónia, Nuno Vieira, Paula Neves and Renato Seixas

Emotional Runaway, a scan to the temperatures of our fears, where factors of sensorial kind are explored.
A white light capsule seduces the audience. It is covered by 17 fluorescent light bulbs, vertically distributed in space and symmetrically apart. An organic approach is disclosed by leaving the entire assemblage process exposed.
It is a private space containing a web cam that records the colour temperature of each visitor through their motions.
Movements captured in real time are processed by the computer and simultaneously projected in a public area, outside the capsule.
The projection displays an emotional state of mind where movements are converted into flat colours, images and audio synthesis, generating single matrixes.
This emotional analysis is reduced to the luminous simplicity of multiple RGB lines and brodcasted in an audible frequency through  an algorithm programmed with the Max MSP Jitter software.