View Master - Jovens Criadores 2003


National Showcase of Young Creators 2003 • City: Faro
View Master – Three-monthly programme for the Teatro Helena Sá e Costa.
Catalogue • Pages 76 and 77


Concept Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Leaflet






A three-monthly programme made for the Teatro Helena Sá e Costa in Oporto.
The view-master device as a conceptual structure of work, bringing together three frames, three films, three months.

1st frame - 1st film - 1st month:
I was comparing you to Jonas, from the film The Devil's Eye, by Ingmar Bergman.

2nd frame - 2nd film - 2nd month:
To be frank with you..., from the film Jules et Jim, by François Truffaut.

3rd frame - 3rd film - 3rd month:
You are boring me, from the film The Ice Storm, by Ang Lee.

The selected images celebrate the love triangle in cinema. 
Each character (frame) sets a new connection/dialogue with the audience.
The three captions merge and, out of context, create a new story.
The illustration animates a setting capable of moving on its own.
In the end, a view-master, a theatre of representation, where sounds and sensations are converted into a new image.