FireGirl tattoo-Zine • Zone • paZo-line


Graphic design, illustrations and promotion of the show FireGirl Tattoo-Zine.

Tattoo-Zine, a conceptual object for communication, an emotional messaging machine, which anyone may operate. There is always a topic/stimulus in the air which orientates the user toward creating his/her unique "expression". An interface to allow the user to touch FireGirl's skin is magnified, susceptible to being tattooed and assimilating these inputs.

This is a blog-o-sphere open to all users, a chat room where emotional communication takes place, a therapy area. A dialogue between FireGirl and Users; Users and FireGirl; Users among themselves.

The tool Tattoo-Zine moves out of its virtual state and passes to the concert venues. The graphic expression is drawn in real time and it's projected onto the skins of the contemporary dancers' bodies allowing a real interaction.
The engine Tattoo-Zine becomes available and the audience is invited to express its emotional state.

Project developed with Nuno Baldaia.


Concept Design, Flyer, Glitch, Investigation, Noise, Sound Design







From the 11th to the 27th of June, 2009

Z-Tattoo-Zine @ DT Espacio Escénico is a collaboration between the multimedia artist Renato Seixas and the contemporary dance choreographers José Reches and Pedro Berdäyes. 

It consists of three movements divided in three different weeks, Zone (Berdäyes/Seixas), paZo-line (Reches/Seixas) and tattoo-Zine (Berdäyes/Seixas).

Renato Seixas, collaborates with the sound art in Zone and paZo-line, electronic session debut on his page MAD_B (MásAlláDel_Bajón). In tattoo-ZIne he performs in real time.

Zone – from the 11th to the 13th of June, 2009
paZo-line – from the 18th to the 20th June, 2009
tattoo-Zine – from the 25th to the 27th of June, 2009

Direction and concept: tattoo-Zine (Berdäyes/Seixas)

Original concept tattoo-Zine: Nuno Baldaia and Renato Seixas
Interpretation: The students of the Real conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma de Madrid
Invited artist (the 27th June) and video: Augusto Gómez Lima
Acknowledgements: Nuno Baldaia

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