The Syncope of the Sleeping Beauty


Graphics and promotion of the show.

The syncope is a sudden loss of conciousness, being of brief and reversible nature. "Sleeping Beauty" is a computer that recognises our emotions, and translates them into images, and fragmented living cells of sonic intensity.

MAD_B (MásAlláDel_Bajón) becomes the bridge between the human and machine minds. Sleeping Beauty plans her synthesised escape from the syncope...

The performer/musician is connected to an oximeter which measures and amplifies cardiac rhythmns - heartbeats are captured in real time and inserted into a continuous sonic circuit, an input of sound that wakes the beautiful sleeping machine, whilst analogical devices coupled with effects pedals warp and transform the cardiac rhythmns into a twisted fairy tale. Sleeping Beauty is promiscuous, and recreates herself at every moment with bursts of new energy.

The visuals will be generated and manipulated live, born from fractals in turn created by constantly shifting audio signals. The therapy is restorative, returning senses to Sleeping Beauty (there is no time limit to the process).

Sometimes, what is awakened will never return to rest.


Analogue Electronics, Concept Design, Glitch, Graphic Design, Loop, Noise, Sound Texture




Interactive Multimedia Performance

Original concept: Renato Seixas MAD_B

Electronic: Renato Seixas MAD_B and Augusto Gómez Lima 

Graphic Design: Renato Seixas

Visual Programming: Inma L. Hortas

Video: Charlotte Thiessen

Video Editing: Augusto Gómez Lima

5 Sep. 19:30 H 

@ The Tank : New York, US 

6 Sep. 20:00 H 

@ Goodbye Blue Monday : Brooklyn, US 

7 Sep. 22:00 H 

@ Union Hall : Brooklyn, US 

8 Sep. 19:30 H 

@ The Rock Shop : Brooklyn, US 

2 Oct. 19:30 H 

@ Central de Diseño / DIMAD Matadero : Madrid, ES 

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